Green Practices

Electronic Billing: Here at the Green Leaf we have always done electronic billing to health insurance companies. This not only expedites billing and reduces our costs, but saves lots of beautiful trees for hiking instead of bills.
100% recycled paper: when possible we always purchase 100% recycled paper. Envelopes and file folders are 30% recycled paper. We also have a recycling bin at the office.

Direct deposit: when possible we sign up for direct deposit with your insurance company that way not only does paper not have to be wasted in writing a check and mailing it, but I don’t have waste gas driving to the bank to deposit these checks. This is also why we prefer credit/debit payments over checks and cash.

Electronic Health Records (EHR): Over the next couple of months, we will be making the switch over to electronic health records to greatly reduce the amount of 100% recycled paper we use.

Our treatment table is made with by a local Portland craftsman, Robert Hunter, who uses local and sustainable materials to build all of his tables.

If you have more ideas of how we can make the Green Leaf greener, please let us know!

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