About Me

Summer (Collier) Bradley

Licensed Acupuncturist

I started Green Leaf Acupuncture to support the journey of wellness for people in all walks of life. I am a pragmatic person. I offer real solutions to real health problems. I say “problems” because if you are looking for an alternative to the health care you have been receiving, it is because you haven’t yet found a solution. I don’t do any “woo woo” or “energy work”. I do perform systematic diagnosis and treatment that provides not only real results, but relief at your very first visit. I enjoy the process of helping people become aware of the cause of their health issues and active participants in their healing. It can even be fun when patients get to discover the root cause of their issues and witness how acupuncture unlocks the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

I am particularly interested in internal medicine, meaning issues such as vertigo, colitis, chronic ear infections and chronic fatigue, but I also love treating musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain, pregnancy and, of course, kids. Being a mom of two myself, I am passionate about helping the whole family feel good. Most parents know that if one person doesn’t feel well it often affects the whole family. I have a very gentle painless style and my office is very relaxing, warm and welcoming.  Your kids and babies are always welcome to come to your visits even if they are not getting treated.

As an adult, I got my bachelor degree in biochemistry and chose to study acupuncture and herbal medicine because it treats the body as a whole and I’ve seen it have most lasting and positive effect on health. A common misconception about acupuncture is that, like a pain pill, it is a temporary treatment for pain and you have to keep going to get relief. In reality acupuncture functionally restores body systems. Once restored the pain and imbalance naturally goes away without indefinite treatments.

In addition to my masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine, I am classically trained in the Japanese acupuncture styles of Kiiko Matsumoto as well as the pediatric style of Shonishin. My training includes a two year post graduate herbal study program with the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine where I am a diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine.

When not in the office, I enjoy hiking, camping, cooking, playing and spending time with my family. As a way of giving back, I host a monthly pediatric clinic which is free to the community of children in Portland, OR and the surrounding cities. I am also a volunteer for the Returning Veterans Project which offers free and confidential health services to current war veterans, reservists, active duty service members and their families.


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