Full Moon Kids Clinic

full moonThe Full Moon Kids Clinic is a chance for your child to experience a form of pediatric acupuncture called “Shonishin”. Traditionally it was performed on around the full moon, to the children in the community, regardless of illness. It was known that these type of constitutional treatments boost a child’s health during a time when health issues can flare. The practice dates back to 18th century Japan, and was an important part of a community’s well-being.

In honor of this tradition, Green Leaf Acupuncture is offering one day per month- either on, or very near the full moon-free of charge. Why? Because we want to offer a service to the community that educates the public about this great treatment option for kids. We want to help your little ones feel connected to their bodies and pay that forward so the community we all live in can thrive. When the children feel well, we all feel well.

Does pediatric acupuncture hurt?

The secret is that we don’t actually insert any needles. Instead, treatment consists of gentle rubbing and tapping along key pressure points while the little one sits in mom or dad’s lap or sits and plays with toys. The treatments are pain free but sometimes we find ticklish spots or kids may feel guarded about certain areas such as the head or a part of the arm or leg. It is easy to pass over these areas and focus on other helpful areas. Shonishin treatments are very gentle and generally take about 15 minutes.

What are the benefits?

Not only is Shonishin good for acute or chronic pediatric issues, it is also great preventative care that teaches the importance of maintaining self-care over a lifetime. Often, children who receive regular care are able to decrease or eliminate the use of prescription medicines. Other benefits include fewer colds and flue, improved sleep and digestion, to name a few.

Upcoming Clinics for 2016

Shonishin appointments are available on the following clinic dates:
Monday June 20
Monday July 18
Thursday August 18

Thursday September 15
Monday October 17
Monday November 14
Wednesday December 14

The hours of the clinic are typically 9:30-5:00.
Please see our online scheduler, or call 503-333-0473 for details on how to book an appointment for your child for this clinic.

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