Three Stages of True Healing

true healingIf you are working to improve your health and you have reached a plateau, consider this. It is unlikely that you are missing some magic nutrient such as acai berries, expensive mushroom extracts or turmeric. It is more likely that your body (physiologically) is unable to perform its daily functions with what you are giving it.

To properly understand pathology and physiology you must first understand that they are opposites. If a pathology exists in the body, then you have a disrupted physiology. Healthy physiology means that pathology cannot exist. One of the reasons conventional western treatments struggle to cure major ailments such as autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, chronic digestive issues, chronic fatigue and vertigo (to name a few) is that the proper treatment protocols are not followed to reverse pathology. Pills are given to mask symptoms or surgery is offered, which both create more pathology.

This is where acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine come to the rescue. In the eastern tradition, treatment of ailments occurs in three stages.

  1. Harmonization
  2. Healing
  3. Consolidation

The first stage of true healing has to do with miscommunication in the body. Some parts of your body are overactive while some are under-active. This is the stage where we see flare ups. If you have a chronic disease, your body may go through entire periods of time where it is overactive. On the bright side, this means the body is strong (because if you are too weak, your body doesn’t have flare-ups), but it can be discouraging when your symptoms seem extra bad. Harmonizing the bodily systems brings those hyperdrive times into balance so that messages in the body are sent and received properly and flareups happen less often, not because you are too weak, but because you are coming into balance.

Stage two involves repair. As a result of the body constantly struggling to find homeostasis prior to stage one, there has been damage to one or more body systems. During this stage, treatment is tailored to repair and foster true healing. The improvements to health during this stage are permanent. During this stage you will likely feel better than you have since your health issue began, however, because we are making the body stronger, there will be times when the body flares up again. Don’t be discouraged. This is normal. We simply have to return, temporarily, to stage one and re-harmonize.

Stage three comes when the chief complaint is mostly gone and there are residual complaints that seem unrelated to the original complaint. For instance, you might see chronic neck pain after a case of chronic colitis has resolved. Although it seems separate, all body systems are interconnected. If one link is weak, it can weaken the whole body over time. Continued treatment at this point is like buying insurance against any future relapse. At this stage your body will start to hum like a well oiled machine and you may even look back and think. “Oh wow. How did I tolerate feeling that way for so long?” Or even “I didn’t know I could feel this good.”

And I will say, “Your welcome.”



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