Treatment of Spring Asthma in the Winter

A patient of mine with asthma that has been undergoing herbal treatment since November of last year. No acupuncture, just herbs. She wrote to me a few weeks ago to say that although this is typically the worst time of year for her, her asthma did not appear this spring for the first time ever. She is 72 and has had a lifetime of asthma.

The patient was praising her strong adherence to a gluten free diet for the last 12 months. Meanwhile, I was praising the herbs that I have been prescribing her since treatment began last winter.

The patient would not have thought to come in the winter to treat her spring pollen related asthma, but we started treatment with her lungs because of repeated colds due to exposure to her grandchildren who bring home the super germs from school playgrounds. The colds and flus left her with residual cough as well as a heavy feeling in the lungs from fluid congestion for weeks or months or even until the next cold or flu.

I started by giving her harmonizing herbs that included many herbs to strengthen and tonify the lungs as well as prevent new colds by bolstering the immune system. After a few weeks she reported no longer having that feeling of heavy lungs and her cough had gone. After several months, she was not getting colds as often. I left her on these harmonzing herbs for several months beyond because of it’s tonic nature-it was safe to take long term.

In the SuWen, a classical text of Chinese Medicine written more than 2,000 years ago, it states:

“In the old days the sages treated diseases by preventing illness before it began, jsut as a good government or emperor was able to take the necessary steps to avert war. Treating an illness after it has begun is like…] if someone digs a well when thirsty, or forges weapons after becoming engaged in battle”.

In East Asian Medical Theory, it is known that for best efficacy, illnesses should be treated in the season prior to that in which symptoms appear. When the body is struggling with an imbalance or when chronic disease is having a flareup, all it can manage is sustaining. It can’t do any repair work or healing. Herbs and acupuncture treatments applied at this time will at best mitigate symptoms. It’s too much for true healing.




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